EMIT is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to
bringing immersive theatre experiences to all learners.

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EMIT  brings  immersive accessible Shakespeare and interactive educational experiences to learners of all kinds.  ​​​​

We tour our productions to schools,  present public performances of our work, and facilitate customizable residencies in classrooms. 

​From Our Audience

"The immersive performance of Romeo
and Juliet assisted my understanding of
the play because I was able to grasp the

meaning of each situation much better because there was more of a connection between the audience and the actors."
-Ashley, age 14

"It changed my opinion on Shakespeare because the book itself is boring but the
play made it alive it was extremely helpful watching the immersive play[of Romeo and Juliet]. I got to understand the characters better and see what they were going through."

-Jeronimo, age 15 

"I really enjoyed the production [of The Tempest] as I was able to interact with the characters which gave me a better understanding of their motives and goals. Overall, the performance was very fun and helped me understand the Tempest and the characters in it, much better."
-Myra, Grade 8

"I LOVED this immersive theater [production of The Tempest]. In my mind, it was cool to see each actors interpretation of their character. Also, I think just learning the play can be boring, and can be hard to understand. This immersive theater made the play much more lively and it enabled me to fully understand what was happening, from not just one but two or three different characters all in one place."
-Spencer, Grade 8

"I enjoyed the immersive theatre [production of The Tempest] because it was a great way to really understand and get to know the characters. We could also move around and experience different things if any of us got bored. Especially for me it was an easier way to understand the play because I am a visual learner and seeing  things in first person makes a big difference."
-Lauren S., Grade 8

What is Immersive Theatre? 

Immersive Theatre is defined as theatre where the audience is placed in an active role and the fourth wall is absent.

The audience members are given autonomy of movement and exploration during the performance. This enables the audience to have the perception of being physically present in fictional circumstances.

Our form of immersive theatre allows the audience to make connections with the actors that reverberate throughout the rest of the play.
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