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Organizational Values


Emit nurtures long-term relationships with theatre artists, partner schools, and arts organizations. In our educational performances we are committed to augmenting underfunded school arts programing by weaving ourselves into the fabric of every school we visit. Our public performances attract multi-generational audiences. During our shows, young people and their caregivers become micro-communities as they are threaded together by the world of the play.


Middle and high school students need the opportunity to strengthen their interpersonal skills before heading out into the real world. Students participate in Emit’s workshops, school residencies, and performances by interacting with characters in order to strengthen their own. By stepping into the shoes of the antagonist or the hero, we offer young people the chance to broaden their social-emotional skills, see beyond themselves, and discover how the actions of one person can impact others.


Emit is always striving towards inclusivity and equity. We still have a way to go. As a company, we challenge ourselves to make choices that will be inclusive and equitable for our students as well as our company members. New York City’s public school students are one million vibrant and complex kids strong.  We want our audiences to feel themselves reflected in our productions. We are committed to using casting practices that welcome actors of varying ethnicities, gender identifications, and abilities.  By performing in ADA compliant spaces, offering sensory-friendly performances, and low-cost  or sliding scale tickets, Emit strives to welcome all audiences.


Our endeavor is to create theatre with multiple points of entry for young audiences of various  abilities.  Emit provides programming that is specific to the needs of students and goals of teachers. Our teaching artists customize their facilitation to the needs of each individual classroom. Our actors are high caliber artists who demonstrate a wide range of expertise, each with mastery in classical text, improvisation, and audience interaction. In our case, audience interaction extends into our actors’ ability  to adapt their performances for the needs of each audience, including but not limited to  students’ language abilities and fluency and sensory needs.


Emit believes in transparency at all levels of our organization. In order to foster connections with our community, in the name of inclusivity, we have worked to make our company’s financial information easily accessible on our website. The quality of the work that Emit produces is directly tied to the financial support we receive from arts grants and individual donors. We hope to contribute to an industry wide culture shift towards full financial transparency so as to discourage economic barriers for audiences and to promote institutional equity and fair compensation.

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