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How can we continue to create stories when we are separated?


Many of the characters in our plays write letters to each other when they are apart. Now you can too, with Emit Theatre's Stamp Stories! It's a collaborative story in an envelope arriving right to your mailbox.

We'll give you a prompt to inspire your writing. Once the stories are finished, keep an eye out for a special project incorporating all of our co-written stories.

The Stamp Stories are for all ages, and you can choose to write or draw your portion of the story. We'll provide the postage - you just provide the envelope. Don't want to send a letter? Email us at for other fun ways to get involved.


Actors for Twelfth Night

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Directed by Victoria Giambalvo. Associate Director, José Noel.


We are seeking non-binary actors for the roles of Viola, Sebastian, Feste, and Antonio. Other roles will be cast regardless of gender. The cast will be made up of 10 actors and 2 additional actors to understudy multiple tracks. All roles available. We will cast from the Emit Ensemble and then from the public. 

Actors with skills and experiences in both classical text and improvisation, as well as actors with experience working with students, are highly encouraged to apply. Special consideration will be given to actors who also sing or play an instrument.


This adaptation of Twelfth Night will divide Illyria by the gender binary and present Viola as a non-binary person forced to present as a binary gender in Illyria.


This production will explore gender identities. We understand many cast members may be exploring their own identity, and as such we are committed to creating a safe space for this exploration.


Commitment and Compensation

Tentative dates are approximately 60 hours of rehearsal over a 5 week period in October/November. Rehearsals will begin the week of October 10th, with outdoor public performances mid-November followed by a tour to 3-4 schools in NYC.


Compensation is $360 per week for 5 weeks of rehearsal/public performances, and then $100 per school performance. Understudies are compensated at $25/hr.



Viola - Performative/flirty/vulnerable/honest/crafty/grateful/imaginative/gentle

Duke Orsino - pensive/devoted/trusting/passionate/stubborn

Olivia - somber/brave/intelligent/loving/noble

Maria - has a sparkle in her eye/team leader

Sir Toby - easily distracted, single minded but grows to think of others

Sir Andrew - joyful/golden hearted/talented

Malvolio - proud/stern/determined/obedient

A​​ntonio - Brave/loving/wary

Feste -  persistent/lithe/certain/friendly/lovable

Sebastian - Bold/confident/romantic/honorable

Two understudies/covers

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