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In-School Performances

Interactive Performances


In our interactive productions, the story is told in a linear format with a traditional seated audience. The students are directly engaged in the action of the story through call and response, activity prompts, and total absence of the fourth wall. Select audience members have opportunities to join actors on stage.

  • Recommended grades: Pre-K through 5

  • Recommended spaces: Gym, auditorium, or large classroom

  • Audience cap: 80

  • See below for list of interactive productions.

Immersive Performances


In these fully immersive productions, multiple scenes occur simultaneously, and audiences are free to move throughout the performance space and choose which characters to follow. Audience members interact directly with the actors, who speak in scripted Shakespearean text and improvised contemporary English.

  • Recommended grades: 5 through 12

  • Recommended spaces: auditorium, black box theater, or library

  • Audience cap: 50-60 depending on space

  • See below for list of immersive productions. 

Available Productions

Interactive Productions

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Our high energy, movement driven  production will have audiences working with the bright, bold characters of the story to bring the magic to life together. Under the guidance of the mischievous Puck, audience members will help characters find love, right wrongs, and create a play of their own! 

Run time: 60 minutes


La Canción en la Tormenta: The Coqui’s Quest

On the island of Borinquen, the god Juracán has become upset, causing a wild storm to ravage the rainforest. El Coqui, the tiny but mighty frog, must restore peace to the island with the help of the audience! This interactive quest is infused with Spanish language as well as traditional Puerto Rican music and mythology. Children will learn important lessons about taking care of their environment and their feelings. 

Run time: 40 minutes


Isle Full of Noises: An Interactive Tempest

The spirit Ariel guides audience members through a magical comedy that at its core reveals a story of forgiveness and family. Audience members are empowered as island spirits to help drive the action of the story and resolve conflicts between characters.

Run time: 50 minutes

What You Will 

In a merry and music filled retelling of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, audience members will find themselves dancing, playing tricks, and keeping secrets for all the quirky residents of whimsical land known as Illyria. From romantic to familial to good old friendship this play is a wonderful exploration of relationships and how we should or should not treat others! 

Run time: 60 min 

Immersive Productions

Romeo and Juliet

A play about conflicts of all kinds, Emit’s production of Romeo and Juliet allows for audiences to not only ask questions of the characters, but also impact the action of the play by performing tasks that drive the story.

Run time: 75 minutes


The Tempest ​

Audiences will find themselves transported to Prospero's enchanted island during this tale of betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness. Helping Prospero seek payback from those who wronged him, supporting Miranda and Ferdinand’s blossoming romance, and aiding Caliban in his quest to take over the island are just a few possible experiences in this thrilling story!

Run time: 60 minutes


Twelfth Night (Available March 2020)

Audiences will be welcomed to Illyria, a world of music, wonder, mystery, and more than a touch of glamour. This romantic comedy will explore themes of wealth and class, identity and disguise, and love and loss. Our production will allow participants to directly engage with these themes with a high level of agency.

Run time: TBD

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