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Emit Theatre is thrilled to present Stamp Stories!

How can we continue to create stories when we are separated?


Many of the characters in our plays write letters to each other when they are apart. Now you can too, with Emit Theatre's Stamp Stories! It's a collaborative story in an envelope arriving right to your mailbox.

Our first round of Stamp Stories is completed. Participants collaborated across seven different states to create four original stories--and now we're working on bringing them to life!

A Single Suitcase

Original Prompt: "All they had with them was a single suitcase…"

Narrator: Gianna Cioffi

Drawings/Puppets: The Children at Chatty Child Speech Therapy, the Cuffe Room

Story Writers: Marisa LaRuffa, Krystal Brenes, Victoria Giambalvo, Mackenzie Merkur


Original Prompt: "If only they hadn't tried..."

Narrator: Annika Gullahorn

Drawings/Puppets: The children at Chatty Child Speech Therapy

Story Writers: Nicole Orabona, Brandon DelPino, Clara Kundin, and Heidi Hackney

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