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Create it! Arts Activities for the Whole Family

We all still may be keeping each other safe inside, but that doesn’t mean can’t find a reason to dress up! This March unleash your inner designer as we explore the world of sound design!

For Young Elementary Students:



Suggested Book/Read Aloud:

The Sound of Silence 


Written by: Katrina Goldsaito. 

Illustrated: Julia Kuo


Listen to the author read the book here.

Skip to 11:10 seconds to hear the book. 


Materials: A device to play the recording of the book.


A soundscape is the use of the voice and body to create sounds you would hear in a specific place. It uses sound to paint a picture of a scene.


1. Listen to the book “The Sound of Silence” by Katrina Golsaito. Notice all the sounds that are mentioned in the story. 


2. Think and create the different sounds using your body or found objects in the room. 

3. Listen to the book again, pause the story when the sound is mentioned. Create the sound that is mentioned. 

4. Do this for the entire book.

Anchor 1

For Middle/High School Students:

Become a Foley Sound Artist

Become a Foley sound artist and use everyday household items to create sound for an animated film.

Materials: Device to play video, found objects. 

1. Watch this animated film here


2. Make a list of all the images that could have sound added to them.

Examples: Swing of the fridge door, footsteps on a floor… 


3. Find different household objects that you think could create sound effects to match your images. 

4. Watch the animated film again, but perform your sound effects at the same time as the image.


Learn all about Foley Sound Artists by clicking here.

Show us your creations by tagging @EmitTheatre on Instagram!

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